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Going for Gold

Taking the French edition of the cult classic TV game show by Julien Lepers, and adapting it to the Internet is a colossal task! At Gerwin, we decided to take up the challenge of remaining faithful to the original TV show while providing you with an outstanding game experience!

The TV game show at home!

Julien Lepers, larger than life

More than anything, what makes Going for Gold so special is its unusual trademark host. Julien Lepers himself gave us a hand in creating a lifelike avatar that remains present throughout the entire game. To top things off, players will be able to see the real Julien Lepers in hosting action during video footage prepared specifically for the game!

The 3 game rounds, just like on TV!

Every game showcases 4 to 6 contestants live. All three game rounds are faithfully transcribed, including the sacrosanct desks and buzzers. Nothing has been left out, not even the credit trumpets! The game opens with the Beat The Buzzer round, which tests the contestants' knowledge and speed. Followed by the Four In a Row, where participants have to be lighting-fast in giving a series of correct answers in order to survive. Then, get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush, where the Final Round will determine the game's winner.

GFG Online replicates the atmosphere of the original TV game show, it's heart-pouding rounds and attractiveness...except that it's not the TV show. It's an online game, which allows us to take certain fun liberties!

A few extras in Going for Gold Online!

Adrenaline-shot Game Speed!

In order to better suit our online gamers, we have adapted and accelerated certain phases of the game! For example, during the Beat The Buzzer round, many contestants can give their answer at the same time and score points on the same question. This speeds the game up and does away with the frustration of having buzzed too late by a millisecond!

Four in a Row Round

We've also made a few adjustments to the Four In a Row round. Namely, all 3 candidates play simultaneously and see their adversaries' scores change in real time. Consequently, players no longer have to wait for their opponents to play, which also adds a good dose of stress and excitement to the game!

Play With Friends!

Behold the magic of the Internet! Players can now challenge their friends and family, and experience the TV game show! Just have a few friends sign up for the game and invite them to a live showdown. Every round of the classic game show is there, with an extra dose of good humor and pressure!

Contests To Spice Up The Game

The Leagues are monthly contests. They give players a chance to evolve over time thanks to daily challenges, by starting in league 1 and going up to league 4! It's a good way to evolve that rewards faithful and talented players.

The Masters are daily challenges involving the latest best players. The game will soon allow the best daily players to compete at weekly finals which will determine the best contestant.

Now it's your turn to play!

You got it! Going for Gold Online's goals don't stop at simply immersing players into the cult TV show's atmosphere, but also offers you an unprecedented game experience by taking advantage of the latest Internet technology! So, now you know what you have to do! No? Here's a clue: GFG Online.


New Website

In order to celebrate our 16 years old (yes, 16!), here is our new website ! You will find in it all our games and you will be regularly kept up-to-date on all our new projects.


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Developer: Gerwin Software
Produced by Silicon Carne and Fremantle
Edited by France Télévision Interactive