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Quiz Panic
Superbuzzer 2
Quiz Rush
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4th Duel Online
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Hold on to your Seat

The quiz in all its forms!

A thousand ways to satisfy your thirst for fun and culture with 5 colorful games: welcome to the world of Gerwin Software!

Quizz for all tastes!

Searching for some adrenaline ? For live & multiplayer quizzes : Superbuzzer, Wasasound, Quiz Panic and Quiz Rush are the best adresses!

Bliss and laught on Quiz Panic, suspense and speed on Quiz Rush, music on Wasasound, and total immersion as on TV on a set with Superbuzzer!

Make your choice!

It's your turn to play!

Let's summarize : alone, in a duet or with others, with friends or strangers, live or deferred, with your knowledge, your speed, your intelligence or all three at once, for fierce competitors, soloists whi are searching for culture, fans of celebrity... Quizz games in all its richness and in all its forms are proposed by Gerwin Software