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CaesarsQuiz, a pioneer in the online quiz game arena

In a distant past, there was no quiz game worthy of that name on the Internet…but one fine day, in 2003, CaesarsQuiz.com came along! CaesarsQuiz was born at a time when TV game shows were legion, but there were none to be seen online. In order to succeed online, many significant challenges had to be faced: the design of a consistent game system, the creation of an immersive world, and the offer of high-quality questions by the numbers. Thus was born CaesarsQuiz.com, with its offbeat world and its well-oiled “participatory” game system!

A Participatory Quiz

By integrating the creation of questions to the game play, and by rewarding the players who contribute by writing new questions, CaesarsQuiz.com has transformed content production into a game within the game.

Even better, writing questions has become a way to reward the most deserving players. Indeed, only the best players are selected for the "Assault", the challenge which consists of writing questions to earn sesterces, the game's currency. Our participatory and incentive system has quickly given fruit, as can seen the uninterrupted flow of new questions during the last 7 ans, with peaks of 500 questions a day!

To ensure the quality of the questions, the game community comes forth thanks to the "correctors":  Pour garantir la qualité des questions proposées aux joueurs, la communauté intervient grace aux  "correcteurs" : the Sages whose task it is to examine each question before transmitting it to the Oracles, talented former Sages with the power to validate or reject the questions that pass between their skillful hands!

Assailant, Sage, Oracle… these are the 3 steps in the life of every question that have enable CaesarsQuiz to ask more than 500,000 high-quality questions since its creation!

The World of CaesarsQuiz

Sesterces, cursus honorum, usurpations, legions…all is done to immerse our players into this offbeat world, where legionnaires battle one another through merciless question blows!

This is an environment that tickles our players imagination and inspires them to wholeheartedly adopt this anachronistic world! One look at the players nicknames, which Goscinny and Uderzo (creators of "Asterix and Obelix") would not have ignored, is enough to gauge the enthusiasm in the game: Getafix, Cacofonix, Vitalstatistix!

The world of CaesarsQuiz is populated with "legions" led by hierarchical superiors who deduct sesterces from their soldiers' gains. The sesterces are earned through the player's performance in the daily quiz known as the Question (CaesarsQuiz' main game) and through gains earned during the Assault or the Duel.

Thanks to this game system, faithful to the world of legions, CaesarsQuiz is more than a simple quiz game: it's a role playing game (RPG) where every player's greatest pleasure is to incarn a character created from scratch!

Hierarchy and game progression

In order to allow the player to evolve over time, to improve his scores, and to become important members of the player community, and therefore, to encourage them to come back every day, CaesarsQuiz offers many ways to evolve within the legion.

The Hierarchy

Starting as a mere legionnaire, a player has the opportunity to dislodge his hierarchical superior and to become an officer (decurion, centurion, commander, General, etc.) by taking part in the "Usurpation" (a 12-question quiz), giving him the power to collect sesterces from his troops. At the top of the ladder, the Senator rules over thousands of players. The game's hierarchical system gives every player the hope to one day become an officer and to joyfully take part in the conspirational world of military hierarchy!

The Cursus Honorum

From "Novice" to "God", this progression system sets goals for the players, allowing them to unlock bonuses as they evolve in the game. The will to evolve, to improve scores, to conquer the ranks, to excel, are powerful incentives for players to come back every day!

Original and Varied Games

CaesarsGuiz attracts many kinds of players thanks to the diverse nature of its games: from fierce competitors to solitary players on a quest to improve without stress, not to forget players in search of a friendly community and playfulness. There's something for everyone!

The Question: The Basis!

You can play peacefully by yourself and try to improve your performance by taking part in "The Question", CaesarsQuiz' main game. It's a 12-question quiz with varied themes and difficulty levels. The results accumulated through "The Question" (as well as through the Challenge and the Usurpation) allow you to determine your "knowledge I.Q.": a way to get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and to try to improve them day by day!

Private Rankings: Playfulness!

For those who prefer playfulness, private rankings are a perfect fit!

Anyone can create their own private competition and gather with colleagues, family, or friends. Private rankings allow a private circle of players to duel on identical quizzes and to evolve within a shared ranking system.

Included among the successful ranking groups are the "CeasarsQuiz Belgo-Belgians", the "Procrastinating Functionaries", the ESSEC business school ranking, and even the "Fans of CaesarsQuiz" on Facebook! These ranking groups are free and allow you to challenge yourself and others up to 4 times a day: a good way to establish a community or to create a playful challenge within your school, your business, your association, or your family.

Momentum : For Adrenaline Junkies!

Momentum is, without a doubt, the game which inspires the greatest passions in legionnaires.

It consists of 6 "cursores" (runners) competing against each other live on a sandy track by answering 12-question quizzes. Every player is represented on the track by a runner who takes a leap ahead of the others with each correct answer, and stumbles with each incorrect answer. You see your avatar along with the others' during a minute and a half of intense quizzing. So, keep an eye on your opponents!

Momentum is also the first-ever multiplayer quiz game in real time, adding strategic and crucial stress management elements to a conventional knowledge quiz! A by-the-hour ranking system stimulates interest in the game where, at 9 pm every night, you can see the latest best players in action at "Nocturnal Momentum" events!

Get Involved, Have Fun!

Through its immersive world, through the diversity of games it offers, through the consistency of its game system, and through its distinctive gamer community, CaesarsQuiz is a rich and engaging game! For us at Gerwin Software, this game has sentimental value, because it paved the way for all the other games and created a distinctive community. It also has sentimental value for the tens of thousands of legionnaires who have adopted this jolly and quirky world, some of which have attained celebrity status within the community. Among some of our superstars are Johnny Rico, Hobo66, Taranys, Alphomega, Chupacabra...undoubtedly the first real online quiz game celebrities on the French web!

More than 500,000 legionnaires have already set foot on the Momentum's running tracks, attempted to usurp their superior, or challenged their boss. Isn't it time for you to get involved with the legion?

Rendez-vous at CaesarsQuiz.com!


New Website

In order to celebrate our 16 years old (yes, 16!), here is our new website ! You will find in it all our games and you will be regularly kept up-to-date on all our new projects.


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