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4th Duel Online

Bluff, intimidation, poker hits, and general knowledge…it’s a no-holds-barred world in 4th Duel, a game where the word “quiz” takes on a whole new meaning: psychological duel.

After Hold on to your Seat, Gerwin was faced with a new and ambitious challenge: to restore a TV game show’s eletrifying atmosphere and to pull its strategic strings to the fullest!

Knowledge, strategy, and stress management

Strees and Strategy: a winning pair

Oppressive atmosphere, spine-tingling music, and a stressful game system, where the slightest mistake could be your last: in 4th Duel, the players' nerves are put to the test!

Riding on the popularity of poker, 4th Duel takes bluff and strategy, and adds them to the mix in a general knowledge game.

All can be won or lost in one single question, and a well-educated, but overconfident player, can lose it all to a better strategist.

This is one of 4th Duel's mainstays: it balances level differences between players. 

The Game That Freaks You Out

At the beginning of the game, the player is given the "duelist's" kit: 10 chips and 2 accelerators.

The 10 chips are the player's most prized possession, the goal being to preserve at least one chip for as long as possible...well, at least longer than the opponent! The game's principle is to bet chips on the answer(s) that seem(s) correct from a choice of 4.

If no chip is wagered on the correct answer, it's game over! Yup, it's brutal, but that's the name of the game: cold, hard risk management and  mind-splitting choices!

A Duel Against Yourself!

As the game advances, every new question creates an increasingly cornelian dilemma, and causes an internal struggle between risk taking and security! Do I play it safe and wager a chip on every answer, or do I put my neck on the line by wagering 3 chips? More than ever on a quiz game, the player is his own worst enemy! To top things off, he is not alone! It won't be enough to emerge victorious from your internal struggle; you'll also have to survive cutthroat opponents, who will stop at nothing to make you lose your cool!

A psychological showdown!

Scoop : Duel is a two-player game! Oh, yes! Ah, those good old-fashioned duels, where you could fix your neighbor feuds with a good old stab...well, in 4th Duel, tradition reasserts itself!

What's a good "mano a mano" without a weapon? This is where the accelerators comme in handy; diabolical creations designed to speed up your opponent's heartbeats and make him lose his cool. Flashing light, spine-tingling music, a timer with only but a few seconds: if your opponent activates his acceletaror, you'll have to pick your answer in a heartbeat and under very stressful conditions.

The 3 Game Modes


This is where you tackle an opponent in a merciless real-time duel. Rack up 4 consecutive victories, and you could win up to 1,000 Euro!

The Challenge

In this game mode, you can pick an opponent. This is the best way to play with friends (or to resolve a neighbor dispute) in an atmosphere that's a bit more chilled-out than live mode, because accelerators are not allowed in this game mode.

Single Player

This is where you're pitted against the computer, who can come to you in 3 forms. First, there's Lil' Kevin. He shouldn't give you too much trouble. Then, there's Smart Alice. She's a bit harder to beat. And finally, there's R4D4. You can't beat this guy, so the goal is to survive through as many questions as possible without losing your wits in order to secure a good spot in the Single Player Hall of Fame (a ranking system that lists the best performances achieved against R4D4)!

Think you have knowledge and nerves of steel? Prove it!

4th Duel is a different game in the online quiz game landscape, with its dark atmosphere, the psychological tension which it inspires, and its focus on strategy. This time, mere knowledge won't be enough. You'll need guts and nerves of steel to deal with the pressure! Think you're ready?

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Developer: Gerwin Software
Game Editor: Silicon Carne

An original game licensed by French TV
Edited by France Télévisions Services Interactifs