Discover Superbuzzer, the free Live Multiplayer Quiz, that really makes you want to buzz!

General knowledge, rapidity, strategy, suspense, new twists and of course, this infamous buzzer to bang on - all the ingredients are there to delight Quiz lovers !

Superbuzzer proposes 3 game rounds and new matches: Points Race, the Sprint and the ""Fight"" where you knockout your opponent with a series of right answers to win the game and qualify for the Masters! Now it's time to buzz!



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With your attendance and feedback, we've been able to reach TOP2 in Goople Play Trivia category in France! Making people smarter building smart games has never been so true!

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Superbuzzer now available on Android smartphones and tablets!


Superbuzzer become the first Live-Multiplayer-Cross-Platform Quiz Show (that's a line!)

You can now for the first time challenge in real time and in a single multiplayer session friends playing on smartphones, tablets or Web browsers !




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